Easy Ways to Find Filters on Instagram – You know right now, Instagram continues to update the features in it. One of the most hits right now is using AR filters in Instagram stories. Previously, what is AR? AR or Augmented reality is a technology that combines two-dimensional and or three-dimensional virtual objects into a real three-dimensional environment and then projects these virtual objects in real time ( wikipedia ). Then, how do you find a cool filter and if you have found a cool Instagram filter, how do you save the filter and even use Instagram filters? Come on, see how to find, save and use the following Instagram filters.

Easy Ways to Find Filters on Instagram

How to find Instagram Filters

1. Do a search on Instagram stories.

The first step you can do is go to the Instagram story feature. At the bottom will be a lot of filter options that can be used. Swipe right to the end of the filter options and you will find the Browse Effect option. Click the Browse effect option to find even more filters.

2. Select Filter in the Browse Effect menu.

After you select the Browse effect menu, you will be taken to the filter library where there are many filter options that you can use. You can select filters based on the desired category. After finding the desired filter, please click the Try it button and you will be able to immediately try the filter of your choice.

How to Save Instagram Filters

After finding the filter you want, you can try or save the desired filter so that you can use it another time. The way to save Instagram filters is as follows: When you find the filter you want, open the filter by clicking Try It. After the filter is open, you can save the filter by clicking the saved button at the bottom right. The filter will be automatically saved in the filter library on your Instagram story.

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Because you are interested in the filter and its creator, you want to find more filters from the creator? You can! The easy way is when the demo filter is open, you can click the 3 dots in the lower right corner and then click the name of the creator listed. Then you can see all the filter choices that the creator made. Don't forget to follow the creator so you can continue to update with the various filters that the creator made.

How do you know how to find and save Instagram filters? Come on, let's practice right now. But don't let when you're busy playing Instagram, your quota runs out or even a slow connection so you can't access your favorite platform

Easy Ways to Find Filters on Instagram

 In recent months, the TikTok application has become increasingly popular. From small children to adults. Not only as a place to do challenges, TikTok is also a place for various creative content.

For those of you new users on TikTok, here are some terms that you must understand, so that you are more fluent in using this application from China.

5 TikTok Terms You Must Know!

1. FYP or For Your Page

The meaning of FYP on TikTok comes from the sentence For Your Page, which refers to the “For You” column on the TikTok Homepage. When you first open the application, you will usually be presented with videos that are in the FYP column. Not all of your videos can be entered in FYP, because usually what is entered as FYP is content that gets a lot of likes and views. Not infrequently TikTok users also compete so that their videos can be included in this FYP column.

2. CEO

Usually on every social media platform, there must be a term that refers to a person who is famous on that platform. For example, on Instagram, it is usually called selebgram. People who are famous on twitter are also usually called selebtwit. Well, on TikTok it is usually called CEO. This term is intended for fellow TikTok users who are experts in certain fields, such as dancing, singing or up-to-date information.

3. Check

The term “Check” is quite popular among TikTok users. This term is usually used for content that shows or accentuates something, such as rich people check or private school check.

4. OK Boomer

The term “OK Boomer” first appeared when New Zealand MP, Chloe Swarbrick responded to boomer generation politicians who harassed her during a speech. Initially this term was intended to satirize the boomer generation (generation born in 1946-1964). However, over time, this term is intended to respond to the attitude of others who are considered old-fashioned.

5. VSCO Girls.

The name of this term comes from the VSCO application, a photo editing application using distinctive and vintage colors. The use of the term "VSCO Girl" is intended to ridicule users who are often considered attention-seeking or who often show off photo content edited using the VSCO application.

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Tik tok Audio Download | How to save music in Tik tok

add pictures on tik tok video

Well, how? Already understand the five important terms? Guaranteed you will understand more about using the TikTok application. To be even more enthusiastic about creating content, make sure the internet package you are using is a package without a quota limit. First Media provides Unlimited Internet Packages for you.

5 TikTok Terms You Must Know!

 The development of the world of technology is so rapid that it makes human life easier on all sides, one of which is the need to socialize. Now there are many applications or platforms in smartphones  that aim to connect one person with another unknown person to make friends online. Moreover, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires everyone to practice social distancing , has made some people prefer to channel their social desires through cyberspace. Well, for those of you who are also looking for the best application to make new friends, here are 5 recommendations!

5 Best Application Recommendations to Make New Friends Virtually

RealU (Android, iOS)

One of the best apps for meeting new people is RealU. Through this application developed by the F & W Team, you can find and meet new friends from various locations through chat features , video calls, and even live streaming . If you're shy, don't worry! RealU also provides features that can help you start a conversation.

LINE (Android, iOS)

Want to make new acquaintances, but don't want to go far? Just use LINE People Nearby. This feature that you can access through the regular LINE application can bring you together with people who are located close to where you live. To access it, you only need to activate the "GPS or location" feature on your smartphone .

Yogurt (Android, iOS)

As a medium for socializing with new people, Yogrt offers a quite unique way. To find people who share your interests, you need to play a number of interactive games that are already available. Later, you can challenge a user to play a game, where the game aims to test the compatibility between you. Fun and unique, yes!

Ablo (Android, iOS)

If you want to connect with other people from all over the world, you can try using the Ablo app. After connecting with someone, you can later start a chat; both in the form of text and video chat . In addition, you don't have to worry about language barriers because Ablo has a live translation  feature .

Bottled(Android, iOS)

Another application that offers a unique way to start a friendship with new people. Applying the concept of “a letter in a bottle”, Bottled allows you to create a virtual letter that will later be put in a bottle, then left to “float” in the ocean. The letter in the bottle will be received by someone from another country at random. And if that person saves your letter, then you can start a conversation.

Easy Ways to Find Filters on Instagram

Those are some of the best applications that you can use to find and make new friends virtually. Although it allows you to add relationships without having to leave the house, you also have to remain vigilant and careful in using it. Because what we find in the virtual world is not necessarily the same as in the real world. Now, application where ya are you going to try?

5 Best Application Recommendations to Make New Friends Virtually

 For those of you who like browsing, you must be familiar with one of the most popular browser applications , Opera Mini ?

Having been around for a long time even when the Android operating system has not appeared, Opera Mini is still able to be the best even though there are so many similar applications out there that are competitors.

This certainly cannot be separated from a variety of interesting features and other advantages offered by this one application, gang.

Well, if you are interested in downloading the latest version of Opera Mini for free , you can see the full discussion below.

Opera Mini, Fast and Safe Web Browser

Download Opera Mini Latest Version D9e31

Not only does it have a minimalist and easy-to-use UI, Opera Mini also offers faster browsing even on very slow connections.

That's because Opera Mini will compress and optimize the content before it is presented to its users.

Not to mention the presence of a built in ad blocking feature that reportedly can help load web pages faster.

That way, you no longer need to download additional ad blocker applications so you can experience fast and smooth internet.

Besides being known to be fast, Opera Mini is also claimed to be safe and able to protect the privacy of its users, you know!

You can visit web pages safely and privately using the Private Mode feature without leaving cookies or history on your smartphone device.

Download Opera Mini To Save Data

Download Opera Mini Free

In this all-digital era, internet quota is definitely the key so that you can stay smooth when browsing online.

However, this activity is also what ultimately makes the use of our internet quota more wasteful, gang.

Well, fortunately, the Opera Mini application is equipped with the Data Savings feature which is claimed to be able to save up to 90% of your data usage.

Thanks to the combination of Data Savings features, ad blockers, and also faster browsing, can you imagine how cool the Opera Mini browser is?

That is also the reason why many people choose to download Opera Mini as their daily browser. Although there are actually a lot of similar apps that offer more interesting features.

Especially for those who like to download videos or even movies, this Opera Mini application is definitely a dream!

Opera Mini Features

It doesn't stop there, Opera Mini also has a myriad of other features that are no less cool and interesting, you know!

Do not believe? Just take a look at some of the other excellent features that Opera Mini has to offer below.

1. Ease of Browser Display Customization

Download Opera Mini Free Vpn

Have you ever felt bored with the appearance of your browser that is just like that?

Slightly different from other browsers, Opera Mini allows you to customize the appearance of the browser from layout, news topics, to browser navigation.

Not only that, there are also several color theme options that you can change according to your taste, gang. So, it's not just the monotonous red and white colors typical of Opera Mini.

2. Video Player

How to Download Opera Mini on Laptop

If other browsers only allow you to open downloaded video files using the phone's default player application, then Opera Mini is different.

You see, this one browser application is equipped with a built in video player feature that can be operated easily and even supports one handed mode .

3. Smart Download

Download Opera Mini 8

Almost similar to the Internet Download Manager (IDM) application, Opera Mini also supports the Smart Download feature which can scan automatically for downloadable media, you know, gang.

So, when you open a website and it turns out that Opera Mini detects a media, whether it's a video or a song that can be downloaded, a notification will appear.

Thanks to this feature, you can easily download your favorite songs or videos without having to install the downloader application first!

4. Offline File Sharing

Download Opera Mini Version 3

Not only acting as a browser application, Opera Mini is also equipped with a File Sharing feature that makes it even cooler and superior.

In fact, this feature allows you to share files with other Opera Mini users on nearby devices without requiring an internet connection! Great right?

You can transfer any file safely and even 200 times faster than using bluetooth.

5. Night Mode

Download Opera Mini For Pc Windows 7 64 Bit

Not inferior to other browsers, Opera Mini is also equipped with a night mode feature, and a smart night mode.

You can read comfortably even in low light or dark conditions.

By activating this feature too, your eyes don't get tired easily and feel sick because of the HP screen light.

Download Opera Mini Latest Version

Download Opera Mini

How are you? Interested in using Opera Mini as your everyday browser?

Currently, Opera Mini itself is available in its latest version, namely v47.2.2254.147957 which comes with various stability and performance improvements to make it smoother.

Well, if you've downloaded the old version of Opera Mini APK and want to download the latest version of Opera Mini APK for free , you can download it via the link below, 

Opera Mini - Fast Web Browser 47.0.2254.146760

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to download Opera Mini for PC Windows 7/8/10, you can click the download button below:

Opera Browser 39.0.2256.48

The final word

Well, that was information about the features and advantages of Opera Mini compared to other browser applications, gang.

For those of you who want to download Opera Mini for free VPN , you can click the download button for Opera Mini for PC because this feature is only available in the Opera Browser version, not Opera Mini.

How to download Opera Mini on a laptop is also very easy, you just click the download button above and wait until the download process is complete.

Download Latest Free Opera Mini 2021 | Fast and Ad-Free Internet!

 For those of you who often use social media and lovers of using social media, they usually open the social media that you like. such as facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp and many other types. but this time I will discuss the most popular social media facebook in the world. and will also provide tips on how to change the background for facebook lite.

change the background for facebook lite

why do i give tips like this? because Facebook Lite is the smallest application in size and doesn't take up much space, unlike Facebook usually, Facebook Lite is the simplest application in the world in the form of a base theme, which is very easy to play.

You can change the background of Facebook Lite with APK editor, whether it's by other people or yourself, it would be nice if you just modify your own facebook lite so that it can be an addition to creative knowledge, it's actually easy to modify applications like facebook. only you need enlightenment and tricks.

with you can modify facebook can beautify and beautify your facebook and change the background of Facebook Lite with APK editor we want facebook mod for you to modify so as not to make you bored in playing it. It's also fun if your Facebook Lite has a cool and good background, you too will feel at home to play it even if you don't get bored, for example, if you are bored with your Facebook background, you can replace it again.

Change the background of Facebook Lite with APK editor

  • Place the picture at 29%-37% so that the background is visible when opening Facebook. then save the image that you have edited, put it in a file where it is easy to find.
  • The next step, Reopen the apk editor. remember the application that you opened earlier, don't close it. click on the pencil cursor, then look for the image you just created, change the background and the flicker to the one you made earlier. then save, wait for the modding process to finish (Don't forget to uninstall the Facebook Lite application) then install Facebook Lite, wait for the installation process to complete.
  • The next step, check your facebook lite whether the background has changed according to what you made earlier? of course it worked. 
  • The results are not so good, only the place picture is lacking, it should be 32% or less, the picture should not be too thick for you later. 

How to Make Facebook Lite MOD 

Immediately, we continue with the tips and tricks, read and understand so that it becomes cool, for those of you who can make your own application mods, you can upload them all over the world so that your work is downloaded by others. 

Materials you need to prepare before making Facebook Lite MOD:

  • Apk Editor Pro
  • Download Picsay pro 
  • Smartphone (Try the mod and make sure it fits or not) 
  • Facebook Lite MOD, please download here CLICK HERE  (You just need to change the background for Facebook, you must download it)

If you have prepared three applications and one item, you just have to look at the trick well:

  • Step One, Open the Apk Editor application, click select apk from app, if you have searched for it 
  • the Facebook Lite application that you just downloaded. click the application select simple edit 
  • to change all png or images in the application.
  • The next step, select images to change the png settings, find the image that is 
  • named background.jpg and kelip_1.9.png
  • The next step, Open picsaypro Select Get a Picture, look for the transparent image 
  • If you don't have it, you can download it here. Click here   then select, effect, insert picture to choose the image you want 

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Send EXE Files via Facebook

You have modified facebook lite with your own work, it's better if the application is modified by yourself than by someone else so that the results are satisfactory. you can linger on facebook, and the background color is not like as

How to change the background of Facebook Lite with APK editor

 The new version of Opera Mini for black berry devices provides a new sensation in browsing websites with a variety of new features that are faster, easier and more useful for web browsers. This new feature set is specifically designed for smartphone users and will raise the bar with its uniqueness in content distribution, engagement and accessibility.

This latest version of Opera Mini not only helps netizens to access more websites, but also facilitates getting the desired content faster than before.

1. Download manager feature update makes downloading videos and music easier

With a slow internet connection, downloading is the most preferred way for smartphone users in Indonesia to enjoy online videos and music. Opera Mini took the initiative to overcome this by presenting a new icon that allows users to download videos and music faster. The new version of Opera Mini offers users to download files more easily with an automatic scanner feature. This feature can also prevent users from clicking on unwanted pop-up ads when they want to start the download process.

How can Opera Mini make the download process faster? When users access social media, MP3s, or sites to download movies, Opera Mini automatically scans them and provides links to download directly. This can be done when the user activates the Extreme Mode on Opera Mini. Downloadable content will appear as options available to the user to choose from in the form of a drop-down menu at the top of the screen. This provides a smooth downloading experience without the hassle of scrolling or getting lost in a confusing array of options.

This automatic scanner feature is now available on Facebook as well as several other sites. Opera Mini plans to increase the list of sites for the availability of this download icon over time.

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2. The fastest way to get news: A newsfeed feature powered by AI or artificial intelligence integrated into Opera Mini

The new version of Opera Mini now has a newsfeed feature that is powered by AI or artificial intelligence. This feature is present in several countries including Indonesia, as a trial material. This personal newsreader works by studying users' reading habits. The more news a user reads, the more related news he gets. With the growing number of mobile news readers in Indonesia, this feature helps users gain one-click access to the latest events they love.

“Modern mobile browsers will be a gateway to the internet users of the world, and in recent times, almost all users are enjoying internet content on a big screen while on the go.. There are several challenges faced related to bandwidth availability, content distribution and accessibility,” said Nuno Sitima, Executive Vice President Mobile Business Unit Opera Software. “Today, Opera is at the forefront of the fast browser industry, introducing a lot of features like Video Boost and Ad-blocker features. With these new flagship features, we want our users to be able to optimize their internet usage.”

Opera Mini for black berry

Some of the latest features in the new Opera Mini for black berry are:

• Compression for saved pages – Worried about not enough space for offline browsing? Well, now users don't have to worry because they can save more pages for offline use. Opera Mini's unique compression technology is now extended to the page saving feature so that the size of the saved page will be as small as 10% of its original size. This feature ensures that users save pages containing the important content they want.

• Support for video boost when using Extreme mode – Video boost is a compression technology that reduces up to 50% of data consumption while watching videos. You get all the videos you usually want with less data usage and load videos faster. If you're on a powered wireless (wi-fi) network, you can turn on extreme mode to speed up a slow connection when you're in a cafe shop and load videos faster.

• Full menu Facebook notification bar on black berry – Now Opera Mini is able to give users the fastest access to Facebook notifications without having to open another application. After activating the Facebook notification bar, users can simply drag the top of the black berry phone screen to get the full Facebook menu along with notifications.

The new Opera Mini is now available for free on the Store.

Download Opera Mini for black berry devices 2021

  The PlayStation 5 has hit a bit of a home during this last quarter of 2020. We have to say that some of us present here are lucky to have several PS5s at home, and thus, accompanied by a spectacular DualSense remote.

Now the new PS5 controller, DualSense is fully compatible with your iPhone and iPad, so we show you how to connect it. It added the latest Sony PlayStation controller to the list of Bluetooth controllers compatible with various versions of iOS over the years. Don't miss this new tutorial we decided to bring you.

how to connect your PS5 controller with your iPhone or iPad

As has happened on other occasions, we have first decided to leave you at the top of a small video where we show you step by step how you can establish a connection between your iPhone or iPad and your PS5 DualSense controller. For that we invite you to watch our videos and of course take the opportunity to subscribe and continue to accompany us to the iPhone News community, and of course our Telegram channel with a community of more than a thousand users at the following link LINK ).

How to connect PS5 DualSense with your iPhone/iPad

  1. Make sure your PlayStation 5 and your DualSense controller are turned off to avoid making an automatic connection.
  2. Simultaneously press the Share button (top left) and the PS button (bottom center) for approximately three to five seconds.
  3. When a light shines around the touchpad of the DualSense controller, it means it is in 'paired' mode.
  4. Now go to  Settings > Bluetooth  and find the DualSense remote
  5. Press it and it will connect automatically


 Various Problems On PS5 and How to Solve Them

DualSense charging station and PS5 DualSense controller [Unboxing]

Gamers Complaints PS5 DualSense Stick Charging Problems

These are the simple steps that will allow you to connect your PS5 DualSense controller, but at a glance we remind you that you can customize your PS5 DualSense controls with your iPhone or iPad in a simple way:

  1. Make sure to connect your selected controller via Bluetooth first
  2. Now go to the settings app  from your iPhone or iPad and navigate to the section  General
  3. Once inside, you'll find the functionality is either "control" or "game controller" depending on the language set for the iPhone.
  4. Enter  Personalization  in the section and activate the function. Now you will be able to make any changes you deem appropriate.

How to connect a PS5 DualSense controller to your iPhone or iPad

 SOME gamers have reported a new issue with the PlayStation 5 console . They complain that the PS5 DualSense controller cannot be charged to the USB port on the front of the console.

As players have experienced, the PS5 DualSense stick can't charge itself in rest mode. This problem can be solved by using the USB port on the back of the console. However, this turned out to be not entirely successful.

gamers complain of charging problems dualsense ps5

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Various Problems On PS5 and How to Solve Them

DualSense charging station and PS5 DualSense controller [Unboxing]

How to connect a PS5 DualSense controller to your iPhone or iPad

Quoted from Gamerant , Wednesday (11/18/2020), some users also experienced the same problem when charging the PS5 DualSense on the front and rear USB ports. Until now there has been no official handling from Sony to solve this problem.

PlayStation 5

Every new console is bound to run into certain problems. PS4 for example when launching there are problems with the HDMI port, problems ejecting discs, to blue light indicator problems.

Moving on to the latest generation today, there are other problems that must be fixed immediately besides the PS5 DualSense. This obstacle adds to the series of problems that occurred on the PS5 after its official launch.

Previously an error in rest mode crashed the console thus requiring the user to rebuild the database.

This problem is not impossible to solve. Gamers hope that Sony will soon find a solution to this problem.

Gamers Complaints PS5 DualSense Stick Charging Problems

 PlayStation 5 It will reach the first users to successfully order it on November 19th. However, many games and accessories have been moved forward in the week so as not to meet the shipping or delivery route. In this regard, we have received the two most important PS5 accessories and we want to show them to you.

Discover the new DualSense charging station and PlayStation 5 DualSense controller with us. Get to know them in great detail in our in-depth analysis of their characteristics and functions, we have come to tell you about them so that you know what accessories you should not miss in your setup.

As on other occasions, we decided to accompany this article with interesting content in the form of videos. On our YouTube channel, you'll be able to find these unboxed DualSense charging cases and the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, two accessories that will make your life so much easier, without a doubt.

We advise you through our channels so that you take the opportunity to join our customer community. This way we can bring you more and better videos and products that will make your life easier thanks to our analytics.

DualSense charging station for PS5

We started with the charging station, a product I missed so much during my PlayStation 4 stage and Sony finally got around to it. The first difference is that the DualSense controller now, in addition to the USB-C charging port on the front, includes a charging pin between the Joysticks.

This means that we will be able to load the controls in a reasonable position and, most importantly, without having to include wear elements such as cables and connectors. In this way, the load becomes lighter.

DualSense PS5

This is the result thanks to the metal pins surrounding the 3.5mm Jack for headphones, we were able to use the christened charging station as a remote control and it has two retractable springs. When placing the Dual Sense control, a small cylinder inserted into the 3.5mm Jack will provide a better grip, and charging will begin.

This charging is done via a fairly long cable included in the package, and not via USB-C. The cable comes with its own power supply which we imagine will be ready to charge two controls simultaneously.


The cable is long and thin enough that we can place the DualSense charging station where we want it without attracting too much attention. This charging station is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly with the PS5 as its shape definitely reminds us of the front.

It has a non-slip base and is simultaneously made of Piano Black plastic in the center and rugged white plastic for the sides. The truth is that it is a charging base that is presented with a very graceful design and fulfills the needs that all players have.

The price shouldn't be an issue, and it's a relatively inexpensive product we're dealing with. You can buy it from 29 euros at regular points of sale such as Amazon (link) or El Corte Ingles. Honestly, I think one of the accessories that we should not miss.

Especially considering that Sony has finally listened to the public by introducing a more natural charging mechanism. and it prevents the controls from constantly crashing through the charging port, something fairly common on the DualShock 4, which stands out for its lack of durability.


 Various Problems On PS5 and How to Solve Them

DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

Obviously, when we bought the PlayStation 5 it came with a DualSense controller included in it. In fact, the PlayStation 5 in addition to the DualSense controller includes a USB-A to USB-C cable, something we wouldn't have found when we purchased the DualSense controller separately, something I don't quite understand.

Joining the trend of reducing technological waste, Sony has chosen not to include in the DualSense box more than a command and an instruction manual. We've purchased an additional DualSense remote unit to complement our DualSense charging station.

This DualSense remote is made of black and white plastic, the only edition currently available on the market. The main buttons become transparent and white, leaving the classic colors (green, pink, red and blue). The lightweight back only features the Sony logo and a USB-C port.

The joystick reminds us of the DualShock 4 with new exterior reinforcement and slightly more sticky rubber. Among them we have a PS button that is now represented by the PlayStation logo and is no longer round. Just below this button we have a new "Mute" button that allows us to mute the microphone in an instant (it also turns on).

For their part, their Share and Options buttons keep changing the logo but with the same functionality. The trackpad takes center stage allowing us to interact in the same way as the DualShock 4. The ring of indicator lights now sits around the trackpad, leaving the back completely flat.

At the bottom we will have a 3.5mm Jack port to easily add any type of headset without having to resort to the more expensive options. In the same way here lies the charging pin for the DualSense charging station.

Lastly, DualSense has now included a haptic smart vibration system like the one on the iPhone 12 Pro (for example) whose first analysis yielded excellent results. The same goes for the interactive sensors and accelerometers on the controller.

The back is made of rugged plastic for better grip, representing the classic PlayStation buttons. Also leave the usual DualSense back sticker command which is always erased. Finally now we have not only speakers, but also a small microphone in the remote. 

DualSense charging station and PS5 DualSense controller [Unboxing]

 As a manufacturer of conventional game consoles , Sony always strives to provide the best technology and innovation for the PlayStation . As is the case with the recently launched PlayStation 5, which brings far more advanced features than its predecessor generation.

However, this does not rule out the possibility that the PS5 will be free from certain problems or disturbances. Such as connection problems, corrupted data, and much more. How to handle it?

Here are various problems that may occur on the PS5 and how to solve them.

How to Fix Corrupt Data

PS5 problems and how to fix them

The most common problem with PS5 is data corruption. Seeing corrupt or damaged data on PS5 is certainly very annoying. The easiest solution is to wipe the corrupted data, wipe the disk, and try to install again. To do this, follow these steps

  1. Select “Storage”.
  2. Select “Console Storage”.
  3. Select “Games and Apps”.
  4. Select the game you want to delete.
  5. Select "Delete".

When finished, you can reinstall the corrupted data. However, before reinstalling it, make sure the disc is clean and smudge-free.

How to Fix 'Queued for Download'

PS5 problems and how to fix them

The next problem that is often found on the PS5 is interference when downloading. This annoyance usually occurs because users download PS4 games on PS5 . When doing this, usually an interruption will appear with a 'Queued for Download' notification.

The only way to fix this problem is to reset the console to factory settings, like the following.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Select "System".
  3. Select "Reset Options".
  4. Select “Reset Console”.
  5. Select "Reset".

Unfortunately, by resetting the console, it will also erase all data on your PS5. Therefore, you should do a data backup before resetting the PS5 console.

How to Solve PS5 Connection Problems

PS5 problems and how to fix them

PS5 has been designed with various advanced technologies. No wonder if in using it we need a very strong connection to access the game in it. If you experience this issue, here's how to solve connection problems on PS5.

1. Check Internet Network 

The first step you should do is check the PS5 connection. To do this, open settings, select "Network", then select "Connection Status", and select "Test Internet Connection".

2. Reconnect to Wi-Fi

After checking the internet network, try reconnecting the PS5 console to Wi-Fi. To do this, open settings, select “Network”, and select “Set Internet Connection”, then select Wi-Fi and try to reconnect.

3. Restart PS5 from Safe Mode

Just like on the PS4 console, the PS5 also has a Safe Mode. Try restarting the PS5 from safe mode. This will neither destroy the console nor delete the data in your console.

The trick, turn off the PS5 console, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps, one when pressed and the other a few seconds then press the PlayStation button on the controller to turn on the console and access Safe Mode, select Restart PS5.

Wait a few moments for the PS5 to turn on again. If successful, you can immediately enjoy the game without any connection interruptions again.

So, those are the common problems on the PS5 game console and how to solve them. Hope it helps, eh!

Various Problems On PS5 and How to Solve Them

 How to combine PDF files can now be done quickly. Two files in one online or directly from your smartphone!

Combining two or more files Portable Document Format (PDF) for the beginner course can be a challenge.

But you don't need to worry anymore, now there are many applications or software from free to paid you can use to put PDF documents together.

In addition to software applications, there are also free online services through websites that you can use anytime. Some services are also very popular because of their complete, easy, and practical features.

How to Merge PDF Files in 5 Minutes

As discussed earlier, there are two types of ways to combine PDF files, namely through special software or online services. The difference is, in the application you usually need to install the program on the gadget and run it offline .

While on websites or online services (using the internet) it can be used directly without the need to download the program. Here are some of the best ways to combine PDF files for you:


1. Smallpdf – Online

how to merge pdf

Smallpdf is an online desktop and software specifically used to process PDF files and other files into PDF. It has complete features ranging from changing file sizes, merging, splitting, and many others.

This online application is quite popular and has become a mainstay because of the convenience it offers. Because this is an online service, you don't need to bother downloading and installing it on your computer .

Here's how to combine PDF files online using Smallpdf:

  • Visit the website www.smallpdf.com.
  • Select the Merge PDF menu.
  • Upload the PDF files that you want to merge by clicking the Select PDF Files button or you can directly drag the PDF files to the website page.
  • Wait until the file uploading process is complete, after that arrange the order according to what you want or by page.
  • Click Merge PDF.
  • After the merging process is complete, you can directly download it by clicking the Download button.

2. iLovePDF – Online

how to merge pdf files online

Similar to Smallpdf, this is an online application that can be used immediately without the need to install. iLovePDF is also as complete as other PDF file processing applications or software.

Here's how to merge files using iLovePDF:

  • Visit the website www.ilovepdf.com.
  • Click the Merge PDF menu.
  • Upload the PDF files that you want to merge by clicking the Select PDF Files button or you can directly drag the PDF files to the website page.
  • Arrange the file order according to the page or what you want.
  • Make sure the number of files and the order are correct, then click MERGE PDF.
  • Wait until the uploading process is complete, then click the Download Merge PDF button OK.
  • The files have been successfully combined and will be saved on your computer device.

3. Adobe Acrobat – Offline

Adobe Acrobat is a special software designed to allow users to open, edit, and convert PDF documents.

One of the features offered by this software is that it combines PDF files in an easy and fast way.

Here's how to merge PDF files into one using Adobe Acrobat:

  • Run or open Adobe Acrobat on your PC or laptop .
  • Click menu Tools.
  • After that look for the menu Combine Files Add Files.
  • Select the PDF files you want to merge.
  • After that a tab will appear, click all the PDF files that you want to combine then click Combine Files.
  • After the Combine Files process is complete then click Save specify a folder or place to save the combined PDF document Save.
  • The document was successfully merged and automatically saved in the folder you specified.

4. Icecream PDF Split & Merge – Offline

In addition to Adobe Acrobat, the mainstay practical application for splitting and merging multiple PDF files via a PC or laptop can be done using Icecream PDF Split & Merge.

In contrast to Adobe Acrobat, which has many features, this application is specifically designed just to split or merge PDF files with a fast process for beginners.

Here's how to combine 2 PDF files using Icecream PDF Split & Merge:

  • Install and open the Icecream PDF Split & Merge application on your laptop or PC.
  • Click the Merge or Merge menu.
  • Add PDF files that you will merge by clicking the + icon or you can directly drag the PDF files into the Icecream PDF Split & Merge application.
  • Sort files by clicking the arrow buttons next to the tabs.
  • Once the PDF files are complete and sorted, click Merge.
  • Wait until the merging process is complete, then click OK to end the process or open the folder to see the results immediately.

5. PDF Utils – Android

PDF Utils is an efficient application for combining, rearranging, splitting, and deleting PDF files directly from your smartphone device .

In addition to its complete features, other advantages of this application do not require an internet network (offline) to use.

Here's how to merge pdf files using PDF Utils for Android:

  • Download and open the PDF Utils application on a smartphone device .
  • Click the Merge menu select all the PDF documents you want to merge.
  • Arrange the order of files as desired by holding down on the file you want to move while sliding it down or up.
  • If it is appropriate, click Create PDF Type the name of the document OK.
  • The PDF file has been combined and is directly stored on your smartphone device.

Of course, apart from the methods above, there are many other applications and websites that you can use to process PDF documents. The tip that you must remember is to choose an application or website that is easy and complete.

5 Ways to Merge PDF Files: One in One Step

 Meaning of Prone FF -- The Free Fire game is now providing an event that requires you to be prone. What is Prone ff? Maybe not many people know even more about the Free Fire (FF) game. Almost the same in this FF game, Prone FF is a condition where the player controls movements such as crawling / creeping.

So in other words, Prone FF can be interpreted as lying down to attack the opponent. The purpose of this position is of course to kill the enemy or paralyze the opponent without being seen by the opponent.

Prone FF

Well, some say that the meaning of prone is crawling. Explanation activities in FF games especially. Not only in FF but also in PUBG Mobile. The meaning of Prone is crawling activity. Prone in FF is mostly done by Survivors, it is done with the aim of avoiding enemies so they don't find you.

Meaning of Prone FF / Prone in FF

Once again that the meaning of prone FF is crawling to avoid the enemy. This activity is done to trick the enemy that you are not in that location. To be able to do prone in the FF game, survivors only have to tap the crawl button that appears on your cellphone screen. By pressing the prone button, your character who was standing becomes crawling.

It is highly recommended for you Free Fire players to do prone in FF very quickly. For example, if in front of you many opponents are stalking you. Prone in FF can help you get past the opponent's obstacles.

How to Do a Bug Prone in FF

To do this bug prone FF is very easy, we simply press the "down" button in the lower right corner of the screen as shown above.

But keep in mind, in order to successfully do this prone, we have to do it in a high place such as on a hill or the roof of a house.

When we do prone on a flat place for free, the enemy can easily see and consume us in an instant.

Keep in mind that this prone control doesn't always appear on your cellphone screen. This control only appears when your position is above the enemy.

That's the information about what prone FF is complete with how to do bug prone in this Free Fire game, hopefully it's useful.

In order for you to be bug prone in FF then you must be on a plateau. If you are already in that location, try to do prone. But remember, there are no bug prone points on FF that are always in the same location, so it is recommended that you try it yourself to find out where the bug prone is on FF.

It will be more accurate when you are prone when you are holding a weapon so you can defend while attacking your opponent, but unfortunately the prone position is very different from the standing position so that the bullet will be easier to hit the opponent than when you prone in ff.

That's our explanation of what is the meaning of Prone FF? Prone in FF Is... Hopefully this explanation is useful for you. Don't forget to share.

What Does Prone FF Mean? prone and defeat meaning

 Besides Microsoft Word, there are quite a few office applications that can be used as an alternative.

Some are free some are paid.

One of the most popular Microsoft Word alternatives is WPS Office.

Currently WPS Office is available for many platforms.

Starting from Linux , macOS, Windows, to Android.

But sometimes when using this application, there will be some small errors such as not being able to open a document or create a document.

Don't panic, follow the tutorial below to fix it.

WPS Office on Android Error Here are 4 Ways to Overcome it

4 Ways to Overcome WPS Office Error on Android

1. Force Stop

The way to solve WPS Office errors on Android can be by forcibly stopping it.

Indeed, this is not a guarantee to make the error stop, but usually it will work if the error is relatively light.

Follow the steps below to force stop the WPS Office application:

  1. Go to the Settings menu> Applications> WPS Office> Force quit
  2. Wait a few seconds, then try to use WPS Office as usual.

2. Clear Cache

Clearing the cache can also be an alternative way that you can try if when using WPS Office it suddenly stops, crashes or hangs.

How to do it is very easy and does not need additional applications.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings menu > Applications > WPS Office > Clear cache
  2. After the cache is cleared, please use WPS Office to open or create documents.

3. Clear Data

In addition to clearing the cache, how to solve WPS Office errors on Android can also be done by deleting data.

Before doing the tutorial below, make sure you have backed up all documents to Dropbox or Google Drive .

How to delete WPS Office data:

  1. Go to Settings menu on Android > Applications > WPS Office > Clear storage
  2. After the data is deleted, then when you open the WPS application it may feel a little slow.

4. Allow Storage Access

Each application running on Android will ask for different permissions, depending on the features offered.

Well, one of the permissions WPS Office asks for is to access storage.

This access is important so that WPS Office can create and open documents that are on Android storage.

If it is not allowed, the result is that WPS Office cannot be used to create and open documents.

So, Androbuntu Buddies can activate this permission. Follow the method below:

  1. Go to Android Settings menu > Apps > WPS Office > App permissions > Enable storage
  2. Try using WPS Office to create and open the document again.

Now your WPS Office should have no more errors.

WPS Office on Android Error? Here are 4 Ways to Overcome it

 WPS is an office / word processing program which is currently the flagship program for Android and iOS mobile devices. Kingsoft Corporation (name of the company WPS Office) is constantly developing and updating the software to maximize all features and stability to function properly.

Besides being available for mobile devices, WPS is also available for desktop devices for Windows , Mac, and Linux operating systems. WPS integration makes it easy for users to create documents quickly and efficiently. In one software / application, users can choose to create any type of file such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDF , and the like.

However, WPS still has various complaints. Sometimes users still find it difficult when creating/opening documents. Some users also encounter errors when using WPS Office, both on mobile and desktop devices. To solve WPS Office Error, Can't Open.

How to Overcome WPS Office Laptop Can't Open

Problems with WPS Office on the Windows operating system can be caused by many things. In general, WPS Office problems can occur because there are still bugs in the program, the program is corrupt / problematic and needs to be repaired / updated . To solve this problem, follow some simple methods below.

1. Try restarting the computer

Restart your computer

The first most basic thing you can do is to restart your computer/laptop. Maybe this method is very simple, but it can sometimes help you in solving the problem of an error / unusable program. Usually there is a service or startup program that has not been run so that the program is not optimal when used.

For that, try restarting the Windows laptop you are using and see what the results are. If WPS Office still error when opening, try to follow the next method.

2. Repair WPS Office

Repair WPS Office Windows

Next, try to repair WPS Office. There is one feature of the WPS Office Configuration Tools that you can use to fix an error program . Before using it, make sure your WPS Office is closed.

  • Go to Start menu » find and select WPS Office Configuration Tools .
  • Click Start Repairing to perform the repair process.
  • Wait until the repair process is complete.
  • Done.

In addition to selecting the Start Repairing option , you can use the Advanced feature to manually configure it. In the Advanced feature , you can set software compatibility for third parties, the default format for saving files, reset Plugins, Toolbars, and so on.

WPS Office Configuration Tools feature

  1. In the WPS Office Configuration Tools feature , select Advanced .
  2. Make sure the Compatible with third party software has been in Check .
  3. Also select Compatible with Microsoft Office 2003 .
  4. Also check the Portable Document Format (*.pdf) and E-books (*.epub, *.mobi) sections .
  5. If you want to Reset Plugins and Reset Toolbars , you can tap the Reset Repair section .
  6. Done,

3. Remove and install WPS Office

Install WPS Office Windows

If the tips above don't make WPS Office on your laptop/ computer normal again. Try uninstalling and reinstalling WPS Office.

  1. go to menu Settings » Apps » Apps & features.
  2. Find and select WPS Office .
  3. Click Uninstall and confirm with Uninstall .
  4. Follow the Uninstall program guide until the program is successfully uninstalled .
  5. Done.

After removing the program, try clearing the cache of the computer first. Restart and reinstall WPS Office.

4. Use other office programs

WPS Office Alternatives

If your WPS Office is really difficult to solve, you can use other alternative office applications. Although not as complete as in one existing program, at least it can replace office programs for a while. You can use other office programs that also have the same features and functions such as Google Docs , Google Sheets , and Google Slides that you can access via Google Drive.

  1. To access Google Drive make sure you already have a Gmail account.
  2. If not, please sign up for Gmail here .
  3. After that, access Google Drive here and Login using your Gmail account.
  4. To create a document, you can click New » select the type of document you want to create.
  5. Click Blank document .
  6. After that, you can start creating the document.
  7. Done,

It should be noted that all the explanations above I did using Windows 10. For those of you who are still using Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, please adjust.

How to Solve WPS Office Can't Open Android

Apart from computers/laptops, WPS Office problems also occur on Android devices. This problem is indeed very common, considering that WPS Office itself is an android office application that is quite heavy when used. Especially for smartphones with standard specifications, it will certainly take a little longer to open. To solve various problems with WPS Office, consider the following simple methods.

1. Clear app cache

Clear WPS Office storage cache

First, try to clear the cache on the WPS app. This way who knows WPS Office on your phone can be normal again. Clearing cache will delete history , cookies , logs , and all other junk files. To do so, you can enter Android application management.

  1. Go to Settings » Apps & notifications » Apps .
  2. Find and select WPS Office .
  3. Select Storage , tap Clear Cache .
  4. Done.

In addition to manually deleting cache, you can also use third-party cleaning applications to make it cleaner and more optimal. The Files application from Google can be an alternative to clearing cache and other media.

2. Clear app data

Delete WPS Office application data

If the first method doesn't work, try clearing app data . This method will return the application to the default position (if you are in the Login position, the account will be logged out). Usually, by clearing application data, WPS can return to normal.

  1. Go to Settings » Apps & notifications » Apps .
  2. Find and select WPS Office .
  3. Select Storage , tap Clear Data .
  4. Done.

3. Check application permissions

Check WPS Office storage permissions

Don't forget to add storage permissions to WPS Office. This app requires internal storage to save and read all the documents you have.

  1. Go to Settings » Apps & notifications » Apps .
  2. Find and select WPS Office .
  3. Select Permissions , add permissions for Storage .
  4. Done.

4. Use other alternative applications

If some of the tips above do not help your problem, try to use other alternative office applications. On Android phones, you can use Microsoft Office which also has the same features and functions. You can open or create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.

Also, if you work a lot on the PDF file format, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader . The features in it are also very diverse, you can unlock PDFs , edit text, mark posts, share documents, to convert in the form of Word or Excel.


WPS Office has the most problems with Android phone users. Middle to lower class Android phones definitely feel how hard it is to open an application. But of course WPS Office continues to develop so that the application runs lighter even on cellphones with standard specifications. You can try using other office applications if WPS Office feels heavy and often has problems.

My WPS file can't be opened using Microsoft Word?

All types of files with the extension .doc or .docx can be opened using Microsoft Word. Meanwhile, files with .wps extension in Microsoft Word can only be opened in Read Only mode . You can make changes and editing by saving the .wps file to .docx. This means that WPS files can be opened using Microsoft Word with a few changes.

Can WPS save documents in .docx format?

Of course, you can save the document you create as a .docx. You can also set storage defaults via Advanced of the WPS Office Configuration Tools .

Does WPS support all types of Microsoft document formats?

Of course, all types of Microsoft document formats are supported on WPS such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Can WPS be used to open PDF files?

Of course, you can open PDF files using WPS Office. You can even convert to other formats (if needed).

Those are some things you can do to solve WPS Office errors . Share this article on your social media to make it more useful and useful. If any of you have other tips for dealing with problematic WPS Office, please write them in the comments column below. Thank you and good luck!

8 Ways to Overcome WPS Office Error, Can't Open